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The Prowler
The Prowler

The Prowler

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Plastic 1/2 Gallon Growler
Item Number: 99-9155
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Feature: Austin Homebrew Supply
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  • The Prowler, Plastic 64 ounce Growler.

    This plastic growler allows you to take draught beer to places where glass growlers will not go. Great for the beach or park. These light weight plastic growlers are also great for hiking, camping or other outdoor adventures. These bottles are easy to clean meaning with proper care they will last for years.

    These bottles are constructed from high quality PET plastic. This growler will hold pressure at 50F and 25 psi, a much higher pressure than most draught beer will dispense.  While a regular 38 mm cap is included, we recommend purchasing a 38mm Carbonation Cap to take advantage of the higher pressure threshold and keep growlered beer fresher longer.

    The Prowler has the appropriate federal warning labels on the bottles. You may still need to check with your local brewery to see if they will fill it.

  • PET is a recyclable plastic that will not leach, and if cleaned well, will not carry over flavors from one batch to the next.

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