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The GrainFather Complete Distiller's Kit

The GrainFather Complete Distiller's Kit

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The GrainFather Complete Distiller's Kit

The GrainFather Complete Distiller’s Kit is the ultimate equipment and ingredient kit for crafting amazing, flavorful spirits in your own home. This kit includes everything you need to begin creating and distilling your own washes to craft delicious, commercial quality spirits including fermenting equipment and ingredients, distilling equipment, and the GrainFather All-In-One Brew System to create some truly wonderful spirits. 

The inclusion of the GrainFather and Alembic Dome & Condenser is what really sets this kit apart. Where reflux condensers strip away flavors in your wash, alembic condenser systems (consisting of a copper dome and an alembic arm with a copper condenser) provide a more flavorful product. These rich, malty flavor notes help give single malt and blended whiskeys and scotches,  their distinct, amazing tastes. With the GrainFather, you can mash and boil your own grain bills, allowing you to create blended or single malt spirits in your own home!

The GrainFather Complete Distiller's Kit Includes:
- GrainFather with Connect Controller
- Copper Alembic Dome & Copper Condenser
- 8 Gallon Fermenting Bucket with Lid & Double Bubble Airlock
- Still Spirits EZ Filter
- Italian Bottling Spigot
- Measuring Pitcher - 5L
- 18" Plastic Spoon
- 2 Hyrdometers and Test Jar - a Proof & Tralles Distiller Hydrometer and a Triple Scale Beer and Wine Hydrometer
- Thermometer Strip
- Distilling Ingredients: 13 pounds of Dextrose, Classic Turbo Yeast 18% (175 gm), Turbo Carbon (4.5 oz.), Turbo Clear Fining Agent (4.58 oz.)

*Please be aware, depending on your location, alcohol distillation may be illegal or require special licensing.

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