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Sweet Shots Gift Set (6 Pack)
Sweet Shots Gift Set (6 Pack)

Sweet Shots Gift Set (6 Pack)

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Liquor flavored candies!
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Sweet Shots Alcohol Flavored Hard Candy Gift Pack - 6 Flavors

Looking for the perfect gift for the sweets and liquor lover in your life?  This is it!  Perfect as a novelty gift for bachelor, bachelorette or holiday parties.  Sweet shots include 6 flavors in the gift package: Absinthe, Rose Rum, Bourbon Whiskey, Champagne, Tequila Lemon, Vodka Mint.  Take a few of these with you when you go out, too.  They'll make a great add-on to your bartender's tip!

Weight of each individual box approximately 1.0, ( 30 grams.)

Sodium 0g - 0%
Total Carb 0g - 0%
Sugar 1.3g - 4%
Protein 0g - 0%

Sweet Shots do *not* contain alcohol, so you can enjoy the flavor and still be the designated driver!

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