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Pneumatic Bottle Capper

Pneumatic Bottle Capper

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Pneumatic Bottle Capper

Are you tired of hand-capping your bomebrew? Have too many bottles to cap by hand? Look no further!

This Pneumatic Bottle Capper will make capping bottles a breeze. This capper works with both 26mm and 29mm crown caps, and even functions with latic mushroom corks. The pneumatic capping process great increases the speed of your capping, allowing you to seal between 500-600 bottles per hour! 

The adjustable design allows for use with different bottle heights and widths. Finished with a gorgeous painted steel finish, capper has a two lever control and a handle for easily moving and transporting your capper.

-Pneumatic Capping Process
-Caps 500-600 Bottles per Hour
-Compatible with 26mm, 29mm, & Latic Mushroom Caps
-Adjustable to Fit Bottle Size
-Two Lever Control
-Transportation Handle
-Painted Steel Finish

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