Fermenting Bucket without Lid (8 gallon)

Fermenting Bucket without Lid (8 gallon)

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Fermenting Bucket without Lid (8 gallon) 

This 8 gallon bucket is constructed of high grade silicone polypropylene copolymer that does not stain or retain odors. Features a threaded UN-drilled hole to easily convert this bucket for use bottling with the addition of a bottling spigot. Simply drill a 1/2" hole in the middle of the threaded hole and attach the spigot using rubber o-rings to seal the spigot.

Lid not included. If you need a lid use the drop down menu below.

Tip For Attaching the Lid:. The lid can be snapped into place by holding the lid at about a 45 degree angle to the top of the bucket. Pressing down with the base of your palm in one spot on the edge of the lid, this will 'Snap" the lid onto the edge of the bucket. After getting one portion of the lid in place, you can push and down and follow the edge of the bucket lid till you feel the snap in place, around the top edge. The groove in the lid matches up with the "Male" lip on the bucket, and just takes a small amount of force to get it clicked into place properly.

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