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Coopers Do-It-Yourself Brewing Kit

Coopers Do-It-Yourself Brewing Kit

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Coopers Do-It-Yourself Brewing Kit

Starting brewing 6 gallons of delicious beer in your very own home! This DIY beer kit includes all the necessary equipment to make and enjoy up to 6 gallons of beer, plus it includes an Instructional DVD ROM to guide you through the brewing process and answer any brewing questions you might have.

Copers DIY Brewing Kit Includes:
- Fermentation Vessel & Tap
- Hyrdometer & Test Cylinder
- Bottling Valve
- Adhesive Thermometer Strip
- Brew Enhancer
- Carbonation Drops
- Mixing Spoon
- 30 count of 740ml PET Bottles & Caps
- Lager Beer Concentrate
- Erasable Marker
- Brewers Log Card Instruction Card
- Instruction DVD ROM

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