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BrewJacket Blowoff Kit
BrewJacket Blowoff Kit

BrewJacket Blowoff Kit

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BrewJacket Blowoff Kit

Adapt a fermenter to use a blowoff valve with your BrewJacket Immersion Pro with this convenient kit. To install, make a 1.75" hole for the Immersion Pro's insertion rod, if using a PET carboy this step is not necessary, and create a 0.5" hole for the air release. To insert the sleeved grommet, soak in hot water to easily slid it into the 0.5" hole.

Blowoff Kit Includes:
- Sleeved Grommet for Sanitary Air Release
- 3/8" One Way CO2 Release Valve
- 3/8" Elbow Connector
- 3 feet of 3/8" Blowoff Tubing

This is a Special Order Item, please allow extra time for processing and delivery.

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