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Yeast Starter Equipment Kit
Yeast Starter Equipment Kit

Yeast Starter Equipment Kit

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Yeast Starter Equipment Kit

Everything you need to begin making yeast starters at your own home. The kit includes all the necessary equipment for proper yeast propagation. Use the included flask marker to check your yeast levels in the large volume flask. The included magnetic stir bar keeps your yeast in constant motion, helping to increase your yeast population. Start propagating your yeast for tastier, cleaner beers today!

- 1 lb Light DME
- 2000 ml Conical flask
- Stirstarter Yeast Stir Plate
- Magnetic stir bar
- Drilled stopper
- Double Bubble Airlock
- Red Flask Marker
- Anti Foaming Agent (Drops) 
-Keeper Magnet (to prevent pitching the stir bar in the fermenter)

This product is sold for the sole purpose of culturing yeast for beer, wine, mead, and sake.

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