Yeast Starter Equipment Kit

Yeast Starter Equipment Kit

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Yeast Starter Equipment Kit

Everything you need to begin making yeast starters at your own home. The kit includes all the necessary equipment for proper yeast propagation. Use the included flask marker to check your yeast levels in the large volume flask. The included magnetic stir bar keeps your yeast in constant motion, helping to increase your yeast population. Start propagating your yeast for tastier, cleaner beers today!

- 1 lb Light DME
- 2000 ml Conical flask
- Stirstarter Yeast Stir Plate
- Magnetic stir bar
- Drilled stopper
- Double Bubble Airlock
- Red Flask Marker
- Anti Foaming Agent (Drops) 
-Keeper Magnet (to prevent pitching the stir bar in the fermenter)

This product is sold for the sole purpose of culturing yeast for beer, wine, mead, and sake.
4 Stars
I seen that there was no review on this. I felt I needed to leave one. I picked this up on sale which was a plus right there. Ran my 1st starter and everything ran smooth. I was even surprised about the noise, not as loud as I have heard others. (yes there is still noise though) Worked like a charm. At this point in time I have only ran it once and I am very satisfied. Going to give it 4 stars to start but want to add another review later down the road after multiple uses and see if I will be willing to give it 5.
Reviewed by:  from South Daytona. on 5/12/2016
5 Stars
Great Value
I figured since there weren't a lot of reviews for this, I'd chime in. After pricing out pieces separately, this is an amazing deal. Even at retail price it's a discount, but on sale it's a steal. I do have a couple of notes about the package: First, one of the questions on the site asks about a keeper magnet and the answer is that this does not come with one. At least with my order, StirStarter had taped a magnet to the instruction sheets. I ordered one separately, but it's only a couple bucks, so no big deal. Now I have an extra! Second, this included a 3-piece airlock (an s-style is shown), but the StirStarter instructions specifically say not to use an airlock and stopper. Most recommend a foam stopper or sanitized foil (which is what I did). Getting an extra airlock is not a negative, really, but it's worth noting. Those two things aside, the stir plate works great and this kit does have everything you could need to make a proper starter. Don't hesitate!
Reviewed by:  from North Hollywood, CA. on 2/23/2017
5 Stars
Best bang for your buck
Love this kit. No issues. They thankfully gave me a foam stopper not an airlock (which would not work for making a starter).
Reviewed by:  from Mounds View. on 8/20/2018
5 Stars
Best D*&@ purchase ever!
I love this thing! My beer starts to ferment like crazy in just a couple hours. Warning! Do use a small drop of the anti-foaming drops! The first time I did not and lost 20% through foam over. One suggestion for Mr. Austin: Add a little description of what the product is. Some people like to know what they are putting in their beer.
Reviewed by:  from Maine. on 3/18/2018

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