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Wyeast 3209 Oud Bruin Ale Blend PC
Wyeast 3209 Oud Bruin Ale Blend PC

Wyeast 3209 Oud Bruin Ale Blend PC

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Feature: WYEAST
Feature: Liquid Yeast
Feature: Qualifies
Beer Styles: Flemish Brown Ale, American Sour Ale, Saison, Fruit beers, Foreign Stout.

Profile: Because the people don't want something new ... they want something Oud. And Bruin. This new exclusive sour blend is built for dark, malt-accented sour styles - like 3763 Roselaere it will create sharp acidity, but unlike 3763 it will leave the malt character intact, creating a balanced and complex end product. Excellent base for blending fruit in secondary (especially cherries or raspberries) and makes for an interesting Saison.
  • Attenuation: 70-80%
  • Flocculation: Variable
  • Optimum Fermentation Temperature: 80-85°F (26-29°C)
  • Alcohol Tolerance: 10% ABV

Consider adding the yeast fuel option.
BrewVint Yeast Fuel is one of the finest all-natural yeast nutrient blends available. It is an AHS exclusive, and does not contain processed nutrient salts. Its powder form is easily utilized by yeast.

BrewVint Yeast Fuel will:
  • Reduce fermentation time.
  • Impart no off-flavors.
  • Provide nutrients often lacking in wort.
  • Provide lipids and amino acids which are beneficial for yeast.
Usage: Use one capsule per 5 gallon batch added at the last 15 minutes of the boil.

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