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Wort Whirlpooler

Wort Whirlpooler

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The Wort Whirlpooler can be used with an immersion chiller and pump to cool down your wort fast. This is a 2 foot piece of 1/2" copper pipe with a flared end.

How it works:
Connect a high temp pump or other high temp pump to the ball valve on the kettle. Then connect the other end of the pump to 1/2" silicone hose and connect it to the flared end of the Wort Whirlpooler with a hose clamp. Place the Wort Whirlpooler in your kettle with your immersion chiller. When cooling down the wort, turn on your pump and the wort will recirculate causing a whirlpool in the kettle. This will dramatically reduce the cool down time, reduce DMS, and improve hop flavor and aroma.

WARNING: to reduce the chance of injury, silicone hose must be clamped to the flared end of the Wort Whirlpooler and the fitting on your pump.

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