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Wort Aeration Kit

Wort Aeration Kit

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This kit includes a stainless steel 2 micron airstone, air pump, HEPA inline air filter, and lines.

Never touch the airstone. Use sanitized gloves. Oils from your fingers will clog the holes in the airstone. The airstone may be cleaned in boiling water or a sanitizing solution may be pulsed through it using the pump.

An aeration system helps dissolve oxygen that is needed by yeast before active fermentation begins. With enough oxygen present, beer will be off to a healthy and vigorous fermentation in a minimal amount of time. Simply plug in the pump, submerge the stone in cooled wort, and run the pump for 15 minutes to 1 hour before fermentation begins. Headspace will be needed in the fermenter because the aeration may create foam.

Five Star Defoamer 105 is a highly recommended product for use with the aeration kit to prevent your primary fermenter from foaming over during aeration.

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