World Vineyard California Moscato - 1 gallon

World Vineyard California Moscato - 1 gallon

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Moscato has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years, quickly becoming one of the top-selling white wines in North America. Lush, fruity, and delightfully sweet. With juicy peach, and tropical fruit flavors, there's lots to love about this California Moscato. Sip it lightly chilled, or mix with vodka, frozen fruit, or club soda for a punchy twist. Moscato is rapidly gaining ground as the new favorite drink for celebrations, but this is a wine you'll be happy to open up any day of the week.

Sweetness: Sweet
Body: Light
Oak Intensity: None
Alcohol by Volume: 8.5%

The 1.65 liters of varietal juice makes 1 gallon, providing approximately 5 bottles of wine.

About the World Vinyard Series:
The World Vineyard Series gives winemakers the opportunity to make wines from around the world. The kits contain 100% varietal juice and concentrate from some of the finest international wine growing regions.

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