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Wildflower Honey - 1 lb

Wildflower Honey - 1 lb

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Wildflower Honey is medium to dark in hue with a medium robust flavor.  Wildflower honey will leave meads fairly full bodied. Polyfloral honey, aka wildflower honey, is derived from the nectar of many types of flowers.The taste may vary from season to season, and the aroma and the flavor can be more or less intense, depending on which blooms are prevalent at the time of production.  

Honey Knowlege:

Honey sometimes takes on a semi-solid crystallized state known as granulated honey. This is a normal and natural phenomenon. It happens when glucose, one of three main sugars in honey, spontaneously precipitates out of the supersaturated honey solution. Real Honey should Crystallize...and ours will.  Crystallized honey is still perfectly good honey.

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PEDIATRICIAN WARNING: Do not feed honey to children under 1 year old.

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