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Weldless Sight Gauge Tee Assembly (Stainless Steel)

Weldless Sight Gauge Tee Assembly (Stainless Steel)

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Item Number:99-WSGSSTEE

Would you like to add a Thermometer 1/2 NPT (6 Probe)? help
This stainless steel sight gauge comes with a ll the fittings needed to be installed in a 7/8" hole. This design uses a stainless steel tee, so a ball valve or a thermometer with probe can be added withought needing to drill a second hole. It is tall enough to fit on most kettles up to 18" above the coupling. For the perfect fit the tube can be cut with a hacksaw. Vinyl stickers are included for precise measurements.

- 1/2" female NPT stainless steel tee
- 1/2" NPT to 1/2" Compression stainless nipple
- 18" long polycarbonate tubing
- Stainless steel nut
- Stainless steel washer
- Stainless steel close nipple
- Silicone o-ring
- Set of vinyl stickers (2 -15)

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