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Tube & Shell Copper Condensor
Tube & Shell Copper Condensor

Tube & Shell Copper Condensor

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Tube & Shell Copper Condensor

Constructed of hand welded copper, this Tube & Shell Condensor is perfect for converting a keggle into a pot still. The Tube & Shell derives its name from its construction, small tubes of copper are placed within a larger copper shell resulting in a condensor that uses less water and condenses vapors quicker. Copper condensors produce a cleaner distillate with a stronger, richer flavor profile ensuring that your batches taste great every time. This condensor features 1/2" MPT fittings for both the inlet and outlet water supplies (Check out our Outlet Hose Here!) and comes with the thermometer, 2" tri-clamp fitting and gasket on the bottom of the condensor to attach to your pot still that already has a 2" tri-clamp ferrule.

Whether you are just beginning home distilling or are a seasoned veteran, this condensor is a great addition to any system! Be sure to check out our Spirits & Distillation section for all your home distillation needs!

*Please Note: Depending on your location, alcohol distillation may be illegal or require special licensing.

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