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The Ultimate Draft Growler
The Ultimate Draft Growler

The Ultimate Draft Growler

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Includes CO2!
Item Number: 19-GL752
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The Ultimate Draft Growler

Dispense beer on the go in style with the Ultimate Draft Growler. This double walled, stainless steel, vacuum insulated is impervious to both oxygen and sunlight and includes a pressure lid. This specially designed pressure lid uses a miniature CO2 regulator to pressurize your growler up to 30 psi. The included miniature CO2 regulator utilizes 16 gram threaded CO2 cartridges (Grab Some HERE!) to keep your growler carbonated and pouring beer after delicious beer. The Ultimate Draft Growler holds 2 liters of your choice craft beverage and includes a plastic dispensing tap along with 6 CO2 cartridges to get you pouring right away. A great choice for picnics, tailgates, or simply showing off your favorite beer!

Ultimate Draft Growler Includes:
- Stainless Steel Growler - 2 Liter
- Mini CO2 Regulator
- Pressure Lid with Plastic Tap
- 6 CO2 Cartridges

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