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The TrubTrapper

The TrubTrapper

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The TrubTrapper

A new alternative to bulky, expensive false bottoms! The Trübtrapper rests inside your boil kettles as a filter for cold break material and hop remnants in your wort. With the inclusion of a whirlpool step (recirculating your wort into either your kettle or a whirlpool vessel to spin all break material to the bottom center of vessel) post-boil, the TrübTrapper will collect all unwanted materials in your beer without filtering back in, potentially causing off flavors or affecting fermentation. Layers of passivated stainless steel mess provide the body, while food-grade silicone rings, which can withstand up to 600º F, will keep it securely in place. This is sized for 10 & 15 gal. kettles.

-Insert TrübTrapper in kettle before boil
-After boil, run whirlpool approximately 10 min., with a 10-15 min. rest after.
-Draw liquid off via spigot or ball valve (If your kettle is not equipped with a spigot/ball valve, a siphon while also work)
*Please Note: When liquid level gets to top of TrübTrapper, slow flow of liquid so it remains the same level inside and outside of the TrübTrapper

-Backflush with hot or warm water until clean to eye. 
-Soak or clean in place with a cleaning solution.

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