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The Home Distiller's Beginner Kit

The Home Distiller's Beginner Kit

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The Home Distiller's Beginner Kit

Start distilling in your own home! This beginner's kit includes everything you need to create quality spirits and liqueurs at home. You'll receive both the equipment and ingredients to begin your own batch. Check the options above to add your favorite flavorings to craft your own commercial quality spirits, or try infusing your distillate with fruits or other flavorings.  Please be aware, depending on your location, alcohol distillation may be illegal or require special licensing.

Home Distiller's Beginner Kit Includes:
- Turbo 500 Condenser & Boiler
- 8 Gallon Fermenting Bucket with Lid & Double Bubble Airlock
- Still Spirits EZ Filter
- Italian Bottling Spigot
- Measuring Pitcher - 5L
- 18" Plastic Spoon
- 2 Hyrdometers and Test Jar - a Proof & Tralles Distiller Hydrometer and a Triple Scale Beer and Wine Hydrometer
- Thermometer Strip
- Distilling Ingredients: 13 pounds of Dextrose, Classic Turbo Yeast 18% (175 gm), Turbo Carbon (4.5 oz.), Turbo Clear Fining Agent (4.58 oz.)

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