The Grainfather - Deluxe Edition Conical Fermenter
This item just includes a single conical fermenter and glycol chiller, check the options to add extra conicals. The glycol chiller can support up to 4 fermenters

The Grainfather - Deluxe Edition Conical Fermenter

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The Grainfather - Deluxe Edition Conical Fermenter

Taking your brewing to the next level with Deluxe Edition Conical Fermenter! All the benefits of the brand new Grainfather Conical Fermenter plus the Glycol Chiller, Cooler Connection Kits, and Temperature Controller!

The perfect companion to the Grainfather Brewing System, this fermenter is constructed with double walled stainless steel filled with a thick polyurethane foam insulation, keeping your wort at a stable temperature without worry of influence from external environmental temperature changes. The double wall also houses two truly unique features, an integrated cooling sleeve and integrated gentle heating. The stainless steel cooling sleeve is welded to the inner wall of the fermenter and has connections to attach to the Grainfather Glycol Chiller, allowing even cooling of your beer with no contact to the actual liquid. A 30 Watt, 12V heating element is housed in the cavity between the fermenter body and the cone, allowing you to heat your wort. This gentle heating feature, unlike other heating elements/sources, does not heat the liquid, but rather the area surrounding the liquid. This allows for a more even distribution of heat and more controlled temperature for your yeast. 

The Temperature Controller allows for a greater degree of control of fermentation temperature of your brew. Simply replace the standard Temperature Display with the Temperature Controller (easily snaps in!) and you can accurately dial in your temperature. The controller can even set a temperature schedule/profile. Set up 4 different profiles each with 5 stages. This controller operates both the integrated heating element and the glycol chilling system. The glycol chiller allows you to quickly and easily cold crash your wort to under 40 F. This chiller can cool up to 4 conical fermenters at different temperatures and fermenting schedules.

The Grainfather Conical Fermenter was designed with a 60 degree cone. Referred to as the "Golden Angle," this is the optimum angle for dropping sediment and yeast to the bottom without clinging to the sides, resulting in much clearer beer during transferring. The bottom of the cone features a Dual Valve Tap. This innovative tap design makes sampling, transferring, and yeast dumping quick and easy. A small inlet valve above the sediment line allowing for clear, sediment free sampling and transferring, while the lower valve allows you to dump your yeast for re-cultivating. The conical fermenter has a smooth interior with volume markings up to 7 gallons, with no cooling coils or sampling valves cluttering the interior, reducing the risk of infection and making cleaning as easy as can be. 

304 Stainless Steel Double Walled Body
8 Gallon Capacity
Dual Valve Tap
30 W, 12 V Heating Element

LED Display
1.5 Gallon Glycol Tank
300 W, 110-120V, 60Hz

*This item just includes a single conical fermenter and glycol chiller, check the options above to add extra conicals. The glycol chiller can support up to 4 fermenters.

*Please Note: This item is drop shipped from the vendor. Please allow extra time for delivery.

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