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The Catalyst
The Catalyst

The Catalyst

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The Catalyst 

Introducing your new favorite fermentation system!

The Catalyst Fermentation System is in all-in-one fermentation vessel, allowing you to utilize a bevy brewing options in a solitary vessel that is easy to use and clean. The Catalyst can be used for collecting kettle trub, primary fermentation, secondary fermentation, yeast harvesting, and bottling/kegging your batch. The multi-functional fermentation vessel easily attaches to any wide mouth mason jar for easy collection. Use a larger mason jar during primary fermentation and then simply switch to a smaller jar during secondary to collect any viable yeast for re-use. Convenient bottling attachment streamlines the bottling process with a screw on funnel. The 6.5 gallon tank is constructed of BPA-free Tritan polymer (dish washer safe!) and features a lid with silicone gasket with multi-surface contact points ensuring a perfect seal every time. The butterfly valve is an industry leading 3" in diameter. Perfect for fermenting 5 gallon batches of beer, wine, or cider.

The Catalyst Fermentation System Includes:
-6.5 Ballon Tank with Lid
-3" Proprietary Butterfly Valve
-Bottling Attachment with Transfer Tubing & Clamp
-Rubber Stopper
-16 oz. Wide Mouth Mason Jar
-Allen Wrench
-Stand (Minor Assembly Required)

*Please Note: This is a drop shipped item, please allow 1-3 Days to leave distributor*

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