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The Brew Bag (20 & 24 qt. Kettles)

The Brew Bag (20 & 24 qt. Kettles)

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Brew In A Bag
The Brew Bag (20 & 24 qt. Kettles)

Use the brew in a bag method with a 20-24 qt kettle. This bag fits kettles with a diameter of 11" - 13.5" up to 15 " tall. 

- Reusable bag for multiple batches 
- 2" loops on the bag for lifting 
- Use it as a hop bag (away from the kettle bottom) 
- Smooth seams for quick cleaning 
- Stap stitching is reinforced with "X" 
- 1" polypropylene straps cover seams and take the weight making it last 
- Hand wash and drip dry

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