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TM Desana Max - 1.9 oz Packet

TM Desana Max - 1.9 oz Packet

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Item Number:106-1000A
TM Desana Max is a heavy duty alkaline beer line cleaner. During the cleaning it changes color from its original PURPLE to GREEN or YELLOW if residual organics are still left in the line. If the color changes, then the lines are dirty.

- Desana Max is a professional strength line cleaner.
- Wear gloves (disposable vinyl are OK) and goggles when handling Desana Max.
- Each pack makes 1.5 gallons when mixed with clean water.
- Always flush with clean water before and after cleaning.
- Use one pint of solution per yard of line.
- Also a useful cleaner used in a bucket or spray bottle for cleaning other equipment such as stoppers or air locks
- Finish by flushing all equipment and containers (including corny kegs) with clean water.

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