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Stirstarter Yeast Stir Plate

Stirstarter Yeast Stir Plate

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This is the device you need to keep the yeast starter moving while you are busy doing something else. This unit has two powerful NdFeB button magnets in the 12 VDC stir motor, which is controlled by a precision voltage regulator for easy speed adjustment. The RPMs of the drive motor are limited, so the motor will not "throw" the stir bar, yet it provides enough to get a good vortex going.

- Comes with a teflon coated 1" x 5/16" magnetic stir bar
- Variable speed control
- 110v wall transformer provides power to the unit
- 6" x 4" x 2" tall
- Large enough for a 2000 mL flask
- "Keeper" magnet prevent pitching the stir bar in the fermenter.
3 Stars
Magnet Too Small
Magnet inside the stir plate appears to be too small so it throws the stir bar off to the side. Cause of many frustrations and a lot of time lost resetting the bar.
Reviewed by:  from Arvada, CO. on 4/18/2017

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