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Stainless Steel Wheat Grass Juicer

Stainless Steel Wheat Grass Juicer

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Stainless Steel Wheat Grass Juicer

Start juicing your own wheat grass in your own home!

This high quality, stainless steel juicer has been specifically designed to extract wheat grass juice. Wheat grass is comprised of 70% chlorophyll, which has a plethora of health benefits and is known to be a natural body cleanser, rebuilder, and neutralizer of body toxins. Juicer includes a stainless steel screen, as well as a hopper for and plunger for use juicing larger items like fruits and veggies. It uses a pressure control knob and a stainless steel auger to exert pressure on the wheat grass (or other product!) squeezing out the healthy juice. The Wheat Grass Juicer quickly disassembles quickly, making cleaning it simple and easy.

5 year Manufacturer Warranty

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