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Stainless Steel Shank (4 1/8
Stainless Steel Shank (4 1/8')

Stainless Steel Shank (4 1/8")

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Turn any upright refrigerator into a kegerator with this stainless steel 4 1/8" shank to deliver your beverage from inside the fridge to a shiny faucet outside the door and into your waiting glass. You can also add a handy drip or drain tray for added aesthetics and functionality.

The shank includes: a coupling nut, sleeve, snap ring, locking nut, and a black plastic collar. Required, but not included, is a fitting kit (usually 1/4" to connect to thickwall beer line from the keg). Use the drop down menu to select a fitting kit. The final requirement is a 1" diameter hole drilled through the refrigerator door. Measure the thickness of the refrigerator. The maximum allowable thickness for this shank is 2 1/2". Take care in positioning the shank. Make sure that an opening freezer door will clear the faucet and handle.

If you need to match your other shanks or want to add that extra stainless steel look, add a stainless steel collar from the menu below.

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