Stainless Steel Keg Shank Line Assembly

Stainless Steel Keg Shank Line Assembly

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Stainless Steel Keg Shank Line Assembly

Connect your homebrew keg to a beer shank with ease! This assembly allows you to connect a serving line to your keg.

  • Stainless Steel Tail Piece Assembly (3/16" barb tail piece, beer nut, and washer)
  • 5' of 3/16" I.D. Beer Line
  • 1/4" MFL Swivel Nut X 3/16" Barb
  • MFL Disconnect - Choose between Ball Lock or Pin Lock Above!
The beer line will have your tail piece assembly and swivel nut installed, simply attach your chosen disconnect and and connect to your shank. We recommend installing the shank using a 7/8" hole saw.

Using a commercial keg? The Easy Switch (Sanke to Cornelius Keg/MFL Tailpiece) will allow you to easily attach a sanke keg coupler to this system.

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