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Stainless Steel Brew Pot - 20 qt
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Stainless Steel Brew Pot - 20 qt

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pot, 5 gallon, 5 gal


Austin Homebrew Supply


Stainless Steel


5 Gallon 20 Gauge Stainless Steel brew pot with Lid.

Stainless steel offers great heat dispersion along with easy clean up.  The use of bleach should never be used on stainless steel to prevent pitting of the steel.

Sturdy handles on opposite sides make for easy lifting and movement of the pot.

This is 18/8 stainless steel. Measures approximately 10" tall and 11.5" in diameter.

For outdoor cooking, beer making or other uses, this pot will matches up well with our Propane Burner with 14" Stand (220,000 BTU)

Perfect for extract batches, mini mash brews or a large batch of chili!


Note: the bottoms of these pots are not perfectly flat, and should not be used on induction or radiant cook tops.

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