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Stainless Steel Brew Pot - 20 qt
Stainless Steel Brew Pot - 20 qt

Stainless Steel Brew Pot - 20 qt

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pot, 5 gallon, 5 gal
Feature: Austin Homebrew Supply
Feature: Stainless Steel
Feature: Standard
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5 Gallon Stainless Steel Kettle with Lid

This is a small, 5-gallon kettle - great for the beginning brewer to learn on, as it's available at a very affordable price and it holds a manageable sized batch. It is also perfect for the craft brewer who enjoys making smaller experimental batches instead of one large batch.

Made from high-quality 202 stainless steel, it features 0.5-mm thick sides and bottom and riveted stainless steel handles. This brew pot can safely hold up to three gallons of wort while boiling, making it perfectly-sized for extract brewing right in your own home!


  • 0.5mm thick stainless sides and bottom
  • 10" H x 12.5" D
  • Riveted handles on kettle body
  • Kettle lid with riveted handle
  • 5 gallon full capacity (3 gallons while boiling)

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