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Ss Brewtech FTSs - Temperature Stabilizer
Ss Brewtech FTSs - Temperature Stabilizer

Ss Brewtech FTSs - Temperature Stabilizer

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Feature: Ss Brewtech
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This is a FTSs temperature control package for a Ss Brew Bucket or the 7 Gallon Chronical Conical Fermenter. It allows the temperature of the fermenting beer to be maintained temperature if it is too cold in the winter or too warm in the Summer. 

The system is designed to be as compact and affordable as possible. The FTSs includes a precision digital temperature controller and a 304 stainless steel immersion chiller. The digital controller constantly monitors the beer's temperature and hold the fermentation temperature at the predetermined set point by activating a very quiet submersible pump located in chilled water. The chill water source can be as simple as ice water in a cooler or as involved as glycol from a chiller's reservoir. The FTSs also allows for cold crashing and lagering.

Included Components:
- Custom lid w/ 304 SS immersion chiller coil
- A quiet pro grade submersible pump
- 110-240 v power supply
- 304 SS weldless lid mounted thermowell
- Tailored neoprene insulation jacket
- Digital temperature controller
- Vinyl tubing

Required but not included: A cooler that allows for water and ice, or frozen jugs to be added. The cooler must also be able to accommodate the small submersible pump. To raise fermentation temperature, a simple aquarium heater can be used in the water in the cooler.

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