Ss Brewtech Brewmaster Edition Brew Bucket - 14 Gallon

Ss Brewtech Brewmaster Edition Brew Bucket - 14 Gallon

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Ss Brewtech Brewmaster Edition Brew Bucket - 14 Gallon

A brand new Brew Bucket designed specifically for the serious homebrewers. Expanding on a phenomenal base, the Brewmaster Edition Brew Bucket adds an integrated rotating racking arm with ball valve assembly and its new design allowing the fermenter to be stacked during fermentation without upsetting your airlock. The lid includes a drilled 17 mm hole and stopper but it also perfectly sized for 1/2" blow off tubing for particularly bubbly batches. Etched gallon marking on the interior of the 304 stainless steel construction make cleaning easy and the side mounted handles allow you to carry the Brew Bucket even while full (be careful!).

Brewmaster Edition Features:
-14 Gallon Maximum Capacity
-304 Stainless Steel Construction (easy to clean!)
-Lid with 17mm Hole and Stopper (will fit 1/2" blow off tubing)
-Conical Bottom
-Integrated Rotating Racking Arm and Ball Vale Assembly
-Stackable During Fermentation
-Etched Interior Gallon Markings 
-LCD Temperature Gauge with Silicone Housing
-Carrying Handles

-Height - 24" 
-Width - 16"
-Weight ~ 22 lbs

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