Speidel Motorized Apple & Pear Crusher

Speidel Motorized Apple & Pear Crusher

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Speidel Motorized Apple & Pear Crusher

The optimum mill for pressing and fermenting apples and pears!

The Speidel Apple and Pear Crusher guarantees the highest possible yield when juicing (without messy pulp!) and quick fermentation times.  The mill shreds apples and pears to exactly the right size, not too coarse or too fine.  Simply plug in the mill, switch it on, and start MILLING!  The large feed-hoopper makes it easy to fill fruit directly from the box, and can process a literal TON of fruit per hour (up to 2,200 lbs. of fruit)!

Easy to Clean and Maintain! After juicing, simply remove the feed hopper and spray off with water. All parts of the mill are made of high-quality rust-free materials requiring neither care nor any special treatment.  The Apple and Pear mill is nearly maintenance-free! Only the cutter blades need sporadic sharpening.

Mills Ready for Pressing & Fermentation

• No fruit pulp in the pressed fruit juice

• Highest possible juice yield when pressing

• Optimal conditions for fast, healthy fermentation


Feed hopper Made of heavy-duty orange PE plastic (recyclable)

Lower part Made of heavy-duty black PE plastic (recyclable)

Motor 220V 1-Phase, 60Hz, output 2.2 kW (3HP), speed 2,800 r/min

On / Off Switch with lock-out feature

Connection 220V, 60Hz

Cutting Unit Made of stainless steel, re-grindable, reversible, hardened blades

Other Info Up to 2,200lb/hr; Rust-Free; All Parts Food-Safe

Height (in): 49.2
Length (in): 13.8 
Width (in): 30.1 
Discharge Height (in): 15 
Weight (lb): 55lb.

Supplied with a 7' power cord. You will need to wire on the correct 220v plug.

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