Single Faucet Coffee Kegerator Kit (No Fridge)

Single Faucet Coffee Kegerator Kit (No Fridge)

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Kegerator Necessities
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Kegerator Accessories
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Single Faucet Coffee Kegerator Kit (No Fridge)

Everything you need to convert a refrigerator to a kegerator designed specifically for use with cold brew coffee kegs (*also works great for stouts*)! Includes a nitrogen regulator, allowing you to hook a nitrogen tank to your cold brew and pour your coffee with a creamy, delicious head. There is also all the necessary tubing and swivel nut connections allowing you to easily hook up and switch out your MFL disconnects for use with nitro system*.

Want to set up a vertical draft tower? Check out the options above to add a Single Faucet Draft Tower!

-Stout Restrictor Faucet with Traditional Black Tap Handle
-Stainless Steel 3.125" Shank
-Nitrogen Regulator
-5 lb. Steel Nitrogen Tank
-Necessary Tubing with Swivel Nut Fittings

*Nitrogen Gas System use a mix of Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide. Please consult a local gas distributer for proper filling.

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