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Set of Four 5 Gallon Ball Lock Kegs (USED)
Set of Four 5 Gallon Ball Lock Kegs (USED)

Set of Four 5 Gallon Ball Lock Kegs (USED)

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Austin Homebrew Supply


This is a set of four used 5 gallon ball lock kegs. All kegs are pressure tested. Used kegs may have minor dings and scratches along with stickers from previous companies. Kegs will include the o-rings and poppets that were installed when received by AHS. We often change an o-ring or poppet to get the tank to hold pressure

The keg requires ball lock attachments for both gas and beer sides. It is a good idea to have a spare set of replacement o-rings always on hand, with some keg o-ring lubricant. Lubricating the o-rings will help to make them last longer, but eventually they will become brittle and have to be replaced.

Dimensions: 25" tall x 8.5" diameter (63.5 cm x 21.6 cm).

Good Keg Maintenance
Between each use, kegs need to cleaned and sanitized. Taking off the posts and cleaning them can help ensure great tasting beer.

Please remember these kegs are not being used in the soda industry any longer. Chances are, they are up to 30 years old. They have been used for Soda and might even come from a small brewery that purchased them from a soda company. They will have soda or beer residue inside which will require cleaning. The post may be sticky and difficult to get off as they have years of soda/beer build up in/on them. Please be prepared for a used product as we do not want to sugar coat this in any way. We are not stating that our used kegs are junk, we are simply stating, "These are used kegs".

If a used keg does not sound like you, check out our great prices on new kegs here.
3 Stars
I bought four of these kegs to start my kegging set-up. Three of the four were one name brand and the fourth was different. Each keg was taken apart, cleaned, sanitized and new o-rings installed. One of the four is very hard to get a seal. With about ten pounds pressure it does seal. Another keg had a poppet problem. It would not let beer out of the keg. It appears to be the wrong brand or size for the particular post it is in. I had to buy a new post and poppet to repair that. The other two kegs are fine. The kegs arrived very quickly as do all orders from Austin Homebrew Supplies. The company has been nothing but fantastic with all orders. I plan to buy four more but with expectations that there will need to be repairs.
Reviewed by:  from Texas. on 4/24/2016
4 Stars
Home Brewer
For the price they are OK...the resin tops have began to weather crack around fittings, and some of the o-rings need replacement....they are indeed dirty....but they where pressurized when received and I think they will work fine ...I have yet to keg up a batch.
Reviewed by:  from Vermont. on 4/7/2016
3 Stars
Used Corney Kegs
I ordered these kegs a while back and they were of course in used condition. They were a bit dirty with small dents here and there but were in good condition. All the rubber gaskets were in good order but I replaced them anyway. They all came with pressure still on them and a small bit of cola syrup still in them. They were in such good condition that I bought another batch. Unfortunately these were not in such good shape. They were all very dirty and had a lot of sticker glue on them where someone tried removing the old stickers. one keg had some major dents around the bottom but was still holding pressure. One was missing both lid handle caps and 2 others were missing one. One of the kegs in each batch was a different brand so be aware of this as well. I bought repair parts for these kegs and they are doing the job. They are a good deal just know that you will have to spend time cleaning and repairing them.
Reviewed by:  from Pasadena, Texas. on 7/4/2016

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