Schmidling Cheesypress II - 5 gallon

Schmidling Cheesypress II - 5 gallon

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Soft cheeses are relatively easy to make and the required equipment can be easily found in any well-equipped kitchen. Hard cheeses, the next step for home cheesemakers, do require additional equipment. The most significant new piece of equipment is a cheese press. A person handy with tools could fabricate one, but Schmidling Productions has already done that with their "Cheesypress." One of the problems with a number of cheese presses has been an inability to completely clamp down the "hoop" or cylinder containing the cheese to prevent it from oozing out of the bottom of the press when pressure is applied. The Cheesypress clamps the hoop down firmly to the base before any pressure is applied.

The Cheesypress II is designed for 5 gallon batches and it is made completely from plastic and stainless steel materials. The press utilizes a unique pressure regulator: a 100 lb spring and crank handle. Schmidling did the work to calculate and produce a "pressure in pounds vs. number of handle turns" chart that is included in the instruction manual. The operation is simple, and the Cheesypress comes with a detailed step by step instruction manual with Jack Schmidling's business phone number and email address in case expert help is required.

  • Dimensions of base: 9" x 7.9" (23cm x 20cm).
  • Dimensions of cylinder: 6" inner diameter x 8.25" tall (15cm inner diameter x 21cm tall).
  • Overall height: 13.2" (33.5cm).
  • Capacity: Curds from a 5 gallon (19L) batch.
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