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Saniclean Sanitizer - 32 oz
Saniclean Sanitizer - 32 oz

Saniclean Sanitizer - 32 oz

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Saniclean Sanitizer - 32 oz

Saniclean is a low foam acid based sanitizer from Five Star Chemicals. Five Star describes it as an odor, flavor, yeast, and mold remover. It is similar to Star San, but requires a longer contact time, and you have to use approximately twice as much. The low foaming feature makes it more desirable than Star San for sanitizing pumps and other equipment where foam is not wanted. Sainclean's odor and flavor removal make it a good choice for dispensing equipment.

Directions for use

After cleaning with your alkaline cleaner, like PBW™, use Saniclean™ as a final rinse. The rate of use is 25-40 mL per 10 L of water (1 ounce/3 gallons or 1 ounce/2 gallons of water). To apply Saniclean™, either soak or spray making sure to leave it on for at least 3 minutes. After draining, let air dry. 

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