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Ruby Street Propane Side Kick
Ruby Street Propane Side Kick

Ruby Street Propane Side Kick

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Ruby Street Propane Side Kick 

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Because these are built to order, please allow 4 weeks for delivery.

The SideKick was designed to serve as a 4th burner and kettle for the Alpha Ruby system. If you have a source for sparge water such as a commercial on-demand water heater, the SideKick can now double the capacity of your Alpha Ruby with 2 mash tuns and 2 boil kettles. Or just keep things simple with a single kettle extract boiler. If you order your Alpha Ruby with Digital control, the supplemental ignition control package (available option) will allow you to control this burner from your main Alpha Ruby controller as well.

Complete System Includes:
1-Frame - Welded Steel Construction (powder-coated)
1-45 Gallon Stainless Steel Kettle (with lid)
1-10" Cast Iron Burner (with gas valve & regulator)
1-Wall to Wall Stainless Steel False Bottom
1-Stainless Steel Pump (with key fob remote)
1-Thru Wall fill/sparge
All stainless steel tri-clover fittings and tubing
Complete Owners Manual (with 1 year limited warranty)

Power Supply Options/Requirements:
Propane – Standard US cylinder (regulator included with system)
Supplemental Ignition Control (gas systems only) – 110-120 VAC (50-60Hz) – 220v conversion available for international
Pump(s) - 110-120 VAC (50-60Hz) – 220v pump available for international

Sidekick  Dimensions:
27" x 27" x 44" high (height includes kettle)

Optional Supplemental Ignition Control
this option allows you to integrate the burner into an existing Ruby Street Digital Controller. This option is only applicable to those purchasing this burner along with a complete system with Digital Control, such as the Alpha System. Turns this burner into a push button ignition unit.

Optional Sight Gauge
Now you can get a sight gauge installed on your Side Kick.
Please see the options.

Optional 50 Gallon Pot Upgrade
Now you can get 50 gallon pots with the Alpha, this will replace the 45 gallon pots. Please select which kettles you would like to upgrade to 50 gallons. Please see options.

Optional Whirlpool Arm
If you would like a whirlpool arm assembly added to your boil kettle please see the options.
3 piece ball valve w/tri-clamp connection.

Optional 50 Foot Immersion Chiller
50 ft. Immersion Chiller is coiled with 3/8" copper tubing and fitted with quality brass garden hose connectors.
If you would like to add a 50' Immersion Chiller please see the option.

Optional Color Choices:
Ruby Street Brewing now offers an option for several different colors, please click the link below to view the different colors they now offer. The cost for this is $199.00

If you wish to choose another color other than their standard red, please use the text box below in the add on section and enter the color code from the link above in the text box during your purchase. Please allow approximately 3 weeks lead time for this option.

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