Ruby Street Fusion 25 Electric Brewing System

Ruby Street Fusion 25 Electric Brewing System

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Ruby Street Fusion 25 Electric Brewing System

Ruby Street is excited to launch the all new Electric Fusion 25. With tri-clad bottom 25 gallon pots creates a winning combination of volume, performance, and value.  The 25 gallon pots will brew finished batches ranging from 10-18 gallons.  The small frame (70.5" overall length) allows this system to be easily transported. The Electric Fusion 25 will have you up and brewing in no time with cutting edge brewing tech!

Complete System Includes:
1  Frame - Welded Steel Construction (powder-coated)
3  25 Gallon Stainless Steel Kettles (with TRI-CLAD bottoms and lids)
2  5500 Watt Elements
1  30 amp Electric Panel (with digital temp and pump control)
2  Stainless Steel False Bottoms
3  Thermometers
2  Stainless Steel Pumps (with remote On/Off switch)
3  Thru Wall Return Fittings
1  HERMS coil
All SS Tri-clover Fittings & Silicone Tubing
Complete Owners Manual (with 1 year limited warranty

Personalize your brewing system with the customizable options, please select the options below that best fit your brewing style.

Optional Sight Gauge

You can also get a sight gauge installed on to your Boil Kettle or HLT, great option to see the level of liquid in the kettle.
Please see the options.

Optional Stainless Steel Hop Filter

The hop filter makes cleaning your brewery a breeze.  The large capacity 6" x 14" 300 micron screen is made of 100% stainless steel.  These screens will contain the majority off all hop material from both whole hops and pellet hops.  We highly recommend this option when using plate chillers to avoid trapped hop material in your chiller.  You can also recirculate through the hop filter while chilling to capture cold break protein material.

Optional Whirlpool Arm

If you would like a whirlpool arm assembly added to your boil kettle please see the options.
3 piece ball valve w/tri-clamp connection.

Optional Plate Chiller Package

Ruby Street has a complete plate chiller package that will be installed on your Ruby Street frame.

Package includes:
· Duda Brand 30 Plate all Stainless Chiller mod# B3-36A
· Bracket to fit any of our frames powder coated to match
· Mounting hardware
· Tri Clover wort connections with 3” dial outflow thermometer
· Male and female garden hose fittings on water side of chiller
· Can be sold and shipped with Ruby Street systems and frames.

Optional 50 Foot Immersion Chiller

50 ft. Immersion Chiller is coiled with 3/8" copper tubing and fitted with quality brass garden hose connectors.

If you would like to add a 50' Immersion Chiller please see the option.

Optional Inline Oxygen Package

A fast and easy way to oxygenate your cooled wort. Equipped with stainless triclover fittings, this inline oxygen stone can be placed on the outflow side of your pump or chiller. Includes a regulator that attaches to a standard welding oxygen tank and 6’ of vinyl tubing.

Now included, the HERMS System:
HERMS - (Heat Exchange Recirculating Mash System)

The HERMS System is used to maintain mash temperatures and perform step mashes without direct fired heat. The HERMS coil offers a 1/2" x 50' stainless coil in the hot liquor tank that allows the brewer to recirculate the mash runoff through the coiled heat ex-changer and back into the mash tun. The coil is factory installed only and pressure tested before it ships.

The HERMS system will include:

50’ ½” SS HERMS coil mounted in the HLT with through wall fittings (tri-clover on top, ball valve and tri-clover at the bottom)

Optional Color Choices:

Ruby Street Brewing now offers an option for several different colors, please click the link below to view the different colors they now offer. The cost for this is $199.00,

If you wish to choose another color other than their standard red, please use the text box below in the add on section and enter the color code from the link above in the text box during your purchase. Please allow approximately 3 weeks lead time for this option.

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