Reissdorf Kolsch  (6C) - MINI MASH
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Reissdorf Kolsch (6C) - MINI MASH

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Brauerei Heinrich Reissdorf, GmbH. Cologne, Germany.

Makes 5 US gallons
5 Stars
Classic Review
A local brewpub had this on tap, but charged too much......, so I decided to do a bit of research and brew it myself! Wow, did it come out nice!! I brewed in the extract kit 17 November. Original SG 1.055, a little high, but not bad. My fermentation temperature didn't stay very consistent, but stayed in range. Final SG was 1.015. When I transfered to the secondary, I ended up with a bunch of trub, so after a week or so, I transferred again, to get the clarity right. (Everybody see how I kind of screwed things up a bit?!?) Anyway, finally, clarity was great, and so was the color when it went into the keg on 7 December. It went on the tap the end of April and HOLY MOLY!! It was one of those moments!! Clarity, taste, aroma...., outstanding!!! I had a number of people, who'd never even heard of the type of style, tell me it was probably the best beer they'd ever had!! Its not a heavy beer at all. I'd say its a great summer time beer, but would be great any time. Definitely will be ordering and brewing it many times, but am going to try the Mini-Mash next. Can't wait!!
Reviewed by:  from United States. on 2/11/2014

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