Nitro Keg System

Nitro Keg System

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Nitro Keg System

Start pouring smooth, creamy nitro beers in your own home! Commonly used for pouring stouts, Guinness for example, nitrogen systems create a different mouthfeel and flavor in your drink. This kit includes everything you need to start pouring delicious nitro beers, or experiment and start pouring wine, coffee, or cocktails through your draft system!

-Nitrogen Tank (New Steel Nitrogen G-Mix Tank)
-Stout Faucet and Black Tap Handle and Faucet Wrench
-Gas & Beer Line Assemblies with MFL fittings
-Dual Gauge Nitrogen Regulator
-Choice of Shank

(Does Not Include Keg, Check Options Above to Add One!)

**4 1/8" shank will fit most refrigerator/kegerators. Measure the depth of where the shank is being installed and choose accordingly. 

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