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Mortier Pilon Kimchi Fermentation Crock - 2 L

Mortier Pilon Kimchi Fermentation Crock - 2 L

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Mortier Pilon Kimchi Fermentation Crock - 2 L

Bring the deliciously spicy, lip-smackingly tasty, vitamin-packed awesomeness of Kimchi to your kitchen! This kit includes all the equipment you need to make your own kimchi, right in your own home. The durable, high quality glass crock is the perfect vessel for fermentation and the included rewritable label allows you to easily identify your batch. Check out the included recipe booklet for some great ways to get started fermenting today!

The interior of all Mortier Pilon crocks and jars is 100% glass. The white parts on the outside of the crocks and jars are made of non-reactive, BPA-free plastic, and do not come into contact with the food. Crock use a water seal to allow CO2 to escape while keeping your fermentables safely inside. See the diagram below!

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