Moonshine Made Simple

Moonshine Made Simple

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By Byron Ford.
This book covers all aspects of fermentation and distillation required for the creation of essential oils and perfumes, alcohol for car engines, and a large variety of spirits, liqueurs, and cocktails. The book's easy to follow layout allows for learning the simple processes involved, so that getting started is only a matter of following the instructions. As the book progresses, the author goes into the subject in greater depth to give a better understanding of the finer details involved in the processes.
Illustrated softcover, 125 pages, 5.8" x 8.25" (14.8cm x 21cm).

Just a note from us.
Under Federal rules administered by ATF, individuals may not use a still to produce alcohol unless qualifying as a distilled spirits plant. See ATF FAQs page at their web site. Also check local and state regulations before beginning any distillation project.

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