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Mocha Oak Chips 1 lb.
Mocha Oak Chips 1 lb.

Mocha Oak Chips 1 lb.

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French and American Oak Blend
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Mocha Oak Chips - 1 lb

French and American oak have their own characteristics. When they are processed together, they complement each other and create unique synergy. XtraMocha is an ideal blend of proprotions combined with a special long and intense toast.

This blend of American and French oak combines the particular flavors of the French oak — spices and wood — with the American oak adding layers of aroma with lactones during the aging of the wine. The unique toasting process reaps higher intensity caramel, mocha, and coffee flavors along with toasted and roasted elements, and also heats more of the oak woods. The mocha adds complexity to the wine and enhances the fruitiness coming from the grapes.

French oak brings better structure, length, also presenting more spicy and toasted aromas. American oak creates better roundness and more sweet aromas (mocha, caramel, vanilla).

This blend has a higher CAOX (antioxidant level) than the 2 components alone. Wine fruitness is enhanced.

Outcome and Recommendation
  • Impacts aromatics
  • Enhances the fruit
  • Balances mouthfeel
  • Adds complexity
  • Add after alcoholic fermentation
  • Dosage: .1-.25 pounds per 6 gallons
  • Soak in water 1 hour before adding to wine

More information about these mocha oak chips can be found here.

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