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Mini Keg with Tap

Mini Keg with Tap

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Add Pressurized CO2 Tap? help
Mini Keg with Tap

These kegs are approx. 10" x 7.25"

How do I fill and dispense mini kegs?

  • Always start with a clean keg.
  • Fill the keg with a mild soap solution and let soak for a few minutes.
  • Rinse well with warm water and flush the valve well.
  • Remove all water with a few pieces of paper towel and let the keg completely air dry.
  • Sanitize the keg and two-piece bung immediately before use.
  • When filling the 5 liter mini keg, leave a 1” space at the top for CO2 space.
  • Next prime the beer. Use one level tablespoon corn sugar, Only one level tablespoon per 5 liter keg.
  • Prime kegs individually, priming mini kegs and bottles using different ratios of corn sugar.

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