Mini Keg Igloo Cooler

Mini Keg Igloo Cooler

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Mini Keg Cooler Necessities
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Mini Keg Igloo Cooler

Perfect for any occasion that needs a pour! This Mini Keg Igloo Cooler is designed for taking your beer on the road and keeping it cold. Great for camping, tailgaiting and even more! 

Mini Keg Igloo Cooler Includes: 
- 10 Gallon Igloo Cooler 
- Beer Faucet & Handle 
- Faucet & Gas Shanks 
- 5' of Beer Line (In the Cooler!) 
- 2' of Gas Line (In the Cooler!) 
- Liquid and Gas Disconnects 
- Fits any keg up to 9" wide and 15" tall

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