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Mini CO2 Regulator with Check Valve Outlet

Mini CO2 Regulator with Check Valve Outlet

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Mini CO2 Regulator with Check Valve Outlet

The perfect solution for the traveling beer drinker! This Mini Regulator is great for bringing your favorite carbonated beverage to a party, camping or any special event and can be used on any size homebrew keg!

This regulator includes a 1/4" FFl inline check valve. This valve protects your regulator from being back flushed with beer or other liquids. The 1/4" FFL allows for easy connection to either Ball Lock or Pin Lock disconnects with an MFL connection. Designed to be used with the 5/8-18 thread 74 gram CO2 cartridge, this regulator can help dispense 5 gallons of carbonated beer, wine, coffe, cider, mead or whatever! 

The 0-30 PSI gauge is incremented in .5 PSI segments, allowing for either force carbonation or dispensing. Check out the options above to add a 3/8-24 threaded CO2 Bulb Adaptor for attaching smaller CO2 cartridge (simply unscrew the provided 5/8-18 bottom attachment and replace with the 3/8-24 attachment) and a Stainless Steel Bracket, for easily mounting your regulator. If using your regulator with stainless steel ball lock disconnects, be sure to add a MFL Washer (Available HERE!).

*Please Note: Regulator is intended and designed for use with CO2 ONLY! It is NOT to be used with other high pressure gasses. 

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