Mead Making Equipment Kit (Glass Secondary)

Mead Making Equipment Kit (Glass Secondary)

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This is a two-stage fermentation equipment kit designed to work with 5 gallon mead recipes. This kit is compatible with all AHS mead recipes.

This kit includes:
  • 7.9 gallon plastic fermenter w/drilled lid and stopper
  • 5 gallon glass carboy secondary fermenter
  • Universal stopper
  • Two 3-piece airlocks
  • Plastic Bucket Opener
  • Triple scale hydrometer
  • 3/8" standard auto-siphon
  • Auto-siphon Clip (3/8")
  • 6 feet of 3/8" siphon hose
  • Spring loaded bottle filler
  • Double-lever corker
  • Plastic Spoon (24 inch)
  • 30 wine corks
  • Cleaner/sanitizer
  • Complete Mead Making book
  • Toll-Free Technical Support

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