MJ Craft Series: India Pale Ale Brewery Pouch

MJ Craft Series: India Pale Ale Brewery Pouch

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Included with Kit
Additional Fermenting Sugar
2 lb of Dextrose
India Pale Ale Brewery Pouch by Mangrove Jack

Harkening back to the original IPAs brewed in England, this brew features a biscuity, malty body with a noticeable flavoring of hops. The dry, lingering bitterness is nicely balanced by hints of vanilla and grapefruit pith. This beer requires an additional 2 pounds of dextrose to reach proper gravity. Makes 6 gallons. 

ABV: 4.7%
IBUs: 35 - 45
Bitterness Rating: 3/5
Color: Golden
Yeast: British Ale Yeast - 10 g
Produces: 6 Gallons (23L)
Net Weight: 4.8 lb (2.2 kg)

An improvement over traditional brewing kits, the Mangrove Jack Brewery Pouch has two sides. On one side, the pouch has been cold filled with the best offerings of Europe's brewer's extracts. The other side holds a high quality yeast strain tailored for your beer to provide the desired aromas, as well as full instructions on the brewing process of your beer. By using a cold filled pouch, over the traditional can, delicate aromas and flavors remain where they would normally be lost during the canning process.

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