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Lo Basico Pin Lock Keg System (USED KEG)
O-Ring Set Included

Lo Basico Pin Lock Keg System (USED KEG)

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This homebrew kegging outfit is great for those who want to give kegging homebrew a try. This kit includes a single gauge regulator with only a low gauge. This kit also has MFL fittings that allow for easy switching between ball lock disconnects, pin lock disconnects, and sankey couplers (with easy switch fittings).

- 5 gallon used pin lock keg
- Taprite single gauge regulator with 5/16" barb outlet and check valve (Made in Texas)
- Pin lock liquid disconnect
- 5 ft of 3/16" beer line with 1/4" mfl fittings and picnic faucet
- Pin lock gas disconnect
- 5 ft of 5/16" gas line with 1/4" mfl fittings
- All needed hose clamps
- O-ring replacement set

This kit includes a used keg. All kegs are pressure tested and work. The outside of a keg may have minor dings and scratches. O-rings and poppets were only changed if the keg did not originally hold pressure.

Not included with the kit is a CO2 tank. It is not included so you can select the size of your CO2 tank. Select the tank size below.

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