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Liquor Quik Turbo Pure X-Press - 175 g

Liquor Quik Turbo Pure X-Press - 175 g

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LIQUOR QUIK Turbo Pure X-Press Yeast can help you make up to 18% ABV. Produces a very clean wash with minimal congeners. Makes 25 liters (6 USG) of 18% alcohol.
This is a much larger packet (6.2oz) than regular dry beer or wine yeast. It's a combination of high-alcohol-tolerance yeast, plus nutrients. It can ferment 6 gallons of sugar water into an alcohol base of up to 18% strength, or lower percentages if you need greater speed.
A small chart is printed on the package which tells you how much sugar to use for different alcohol percentages. Higher percentages will take longer to ferment.

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