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Liquor Quik Carbon Snake
Liquor Quik Carbon Snake

Liquor Quik Carbon Snake

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Granular Carbon Filter
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(Liquor Quik) Carbon Snake

This carbon purification filter removes unwanted odors and flavors from ethanol alcobases and distillates. It can be installed on any size plastic pail or other container. Instructions are included and can be found here.

The complete unit is composed of a spigot which will fit on any standard bottling bucket, and a hose which is attached to the spigot, filled with 60 gm of the Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) and a small coffee filter strainer at the bottom, above the outlet valve. Product flows from the bottling bucket then through the activated carbon in the filter hose. Each 60 grams of Granular Activated Carbon should do at least a 5-6 gallon batch. The Carbon Snake is manufactured of food grade, ethanol resistant plastic.

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