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Line Cleaning 2-Go Kit

Line Cleaning 2-Go Kit

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The Line Cleaning 2-GO system is a line cleaning system that pumps line cleaner from the sanke side of the beer line and out of the faucet or shank. Simply disconnect the sanke coupler, remove the beer line from the sanke coupler, connect the line to the cleaning coupler, and pump solution (or clean water) back through your line and out the faucet. The 5 quart solution capacity is good for even large set-ups!

- 5 quart hand pump
- 25" braded line with fittings
- Sanke duplex cleaning coupler
- Faucet brush
- Faucet wrench
- 4 oz bottle of cleaner

If pump does not pressurize tank, use keg lube (or other food grade lubricant) on the outside of the plunger o-ring.

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